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Custom Children's Room Decor, Wall Decor, and Personalized Shower Gifts

About Ali B.

Our Philosophy

Children's Room, Personalized Decor

"We are here help you design and accessorize nurseries that are fun and youthful, but with a hint of sophistication, creating rooms children grow into rather than nurseries they grow out of - providing you with exceptional value."
A celebration of individuality, With Love, Ali B. is an online boutique for the quality and style conscious consumer. Providing unique, eclectic and affordable Home Accessories and Gifts.

We inspire even the busiest of people to personalize their homes, by giving customers a place to shop for all of their home decorating and gift needs, all from the comfort of their own home.

The boutique has areas dedicated to key product categories such as Wall Décor for those items that hang on the wall and Room Décor for those that don’t. And for those looking for specific gift items there is also a special gift section.

Within each area, there is a wide range of unique items, to start creative juices flowing.

The site has pictures of rooms in real homes to showcase products in real and meaningful ways, providing realistic ideas how to use the items within a customer’s own home.

What sets us apart from many mass market retailers is our ability to always offer items that are stylish and current with the trends; items not readily seen elsewhere and above all, items that reflect our customer’s good taste; that our customers are asking us for.

Our talented staff does it all, helping with any decorating needs both big and small.

We design and accessorize nurseries that are fun and youthful, but with a hint of sophistication – creating rooms children grow into rather than nurseries they grow out of -providing our customers with exceptional value.

We create that perfect tissue box cover to grace a bedside table. And we find the right wall décor and accessories to make a guest bedroom or powder room a special place guests will be comfortable.

We provide our customers with ideas, inspiration, quality products, and value.

About Allison Berman

Allison Berman - BlackBerry MomAllison Berman, CEO and the creative force behind With Love, Ali B, started the company in 2005 after having a baby and moving from Manhattan to a 60 acre farm with 5 cows in the Hudson Valley.

A University trained artist, and experienced interior decorator, she thought it would be easy to decorate her home. Instead, she discovered a void in the children’s room accessory market. There was a plethora of mass produced plastic Dora and Sponge Bob, but nobody was making beautiful décor to enhance the aesthetics, that was safe for her children to “handle.”

She started using non-toxic, low VOC paint to turn everyday objects like wastebaskets, tissue boxes, and picture frames into the modern, sophisticated, high-end children’s home accessories she wanted for her own home.

And sure enough everyone else wanted them for their homes too.

Allison is clearly blessed with a flair for designing fabulous interiors, and the ability to create unique, imaginative home accessories to go in the rooms. But she credits her children for earning her the reputation as an expert when it comes to decorating fun, functional children’s rooms, filled with unique child-friendly children’s home accessories.

A work-at-home mom, and active community member (she on the board of Jewish Federation, actively raises money for Breast Cancer research, and supports her daughter’s PTA), like many parents, she struggles to keep her career and her family in balance.

And in 2008 she was invited to write a weekly column about her “high wire routine” as she calls it, for The Times Herald Record, the 10th largest paper in NY State. She aptly named her column BlackBerry Mom.

Allison’s BlackBerry Mom columns are honest from the heart stories about her less than perfect life, something with which many people can clearly relate, because her column was quickly moved from Tuesdays to Sundays – the highest readership day of the week - with 245K+ “print” readers.

BlackBerry Mom speaks to young work-at-home-mompreneurs, stay-at-home moms and dads, and parents who work outside the home. It also speaks to grandparents who like to wax poetic about what it was like when their children were young.

Allison has had a crazy, unexpected, career path. She started as an Analyst at Nielsen TV rating with the intention of rising the corporate ladder. She surprised everyone when she jumped off the ladder to become a stay-at-home mom…prompting her to start a business she never would have thought of and to write a column she never would have had the inspiration for…had she not had children…and quit her job to be home with them…

Art influencing life…influencing art.

About Bill Wilkens

Bill Wilkens Bill, webmaster extraordinaire, brings 13 years of web experience to the With Love, Ali B. team. His responsibilities initially entailed transforming what was a site to showcase the product line, into an e-commerce site. Next Bill designed the BlackBerry Mom section.

And in 2010 it was Bill who completely rebuilt the site from the ground up -streamlining the code, employing Search Engine Optimization techniques to drive traffic to the site, and vastly improving the shopper experience.

Bill executed every last detail of Allison’s design, making countless minor changes -a font style here, the color of a stripe there- until Allison, a perfectionist, believed it was just right. And having the patience of a saint, he did it all with a smile.


About Emily Discenza

Emily DiscenzaEmily, a University of Rochester graduate focuses on the creative. She helps bring the With Love, Ali B. home accessories to life and creates striking marketing collateral, enabling customers and shop owners to see the beautiful, unique, With Love, Ali B. home accessories and gift items. Her attention to detail makes her a particularly valued team member.




About Chris Stavlas

Chris StavlasChris, a University of Rochester graduate concentrates on increasing With Love, Ali B brand visibility by introducing the use of Social Media. He is responsible for uncovering social networking opportunities by posting on social media and social bookmarking sites.





About Emily Berkowitz

Emily BerkowitzStill attending the University of Rochester, Emily uses her experience as editor of the University of Rochester newspaper, the Campus Times, to gain exposure for the With Love, Ali B. product line and to syndicate the BlackBerry Mom column. Emily has been collaborating with Allison on the entire branding initiative including the logo and website redesigns. She has also been responsible for promoting brand awareness through dedicated shopping websites.


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